Transforming my blog

I haven’t posted in two days due to computer problems so I am going to post three different times today to make up for that. 

I have decided to turn my blog into more of a photography blog, showing my experience here through pictures. 



This week I am lucky enough to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference held by George Mason University, so my upcoming posts will be of my experience here. 

The trip to George Mason

This past week my family and I vacationed in Orlando, so my mom and I had to leave straight from Florida for this conference. We drove 16 hours straight, and arrived in the Washington/Fairfax area the night before the conference started, Saturday. 


After getting lost on campus, my mom and I parked and started unpacking the car for check in. I received my lanyard and credentials, then headed to my room. 

My roommates

I share a hall and bathroom with three different girls from all over the country. Brianna is from Tampa, Florida and is in the same color group as me. She also loves BeyoncĂ©.  Hadiya is from North Carolina and has an older sister. Sadie is from Arkansas but surprisingly hates country music. I am beyond excited to share this experience with them and grow close to them as the week progresses. 

Before dinner

Before our color group meeting and dinner I met up with a few people I had known before the conference from the group chat. We decided to go on the walking campus tour together but decided to leave halfway through when it wasn’t what we had expected. We walked back to The Hub and sat and talked there for a while before getting dressed for the evening.

The great white sharks

At the color group meeting we decided the name for our team, the great white sharks. I met the rest of my team and got to know my group leaders more. 


At dinner we had to eat with our color groups, but this will change as the week progresses. I ate a ceaser salad, rice, green beans, baked ziti, and bread. The food is actually pretty good, something I’m extremely happy about. 

 David Culver 

After dinner we had our first speaker of the week, David Culver. He is a news broadcaster on a D.C. Station. The one thing that he spoke on that stuck with me was about how even when things don’t go as planned, everything will work out. I feel like this can relate to many different topics other than journalism, so I’m glad he spoke about it.

Color meeting PT2

After David spoke we headed back to our color groups to discuss the day and talk about the speaker we had just heard. After talking about Mr. Culver the white team played trainwreck, basically a teenage version of musical chairs. 

In the dorms

Once I was back in my dorm I officially met Sadie, who hadn’t arrived when I was in the dorm earlier. We all talked about our experience and then sat in the hallway and blogged together. I hung my hammock in between Brianna and Sadie’s doors and blogged from there. Sadie likes to go to bed early so once I was finished blogging I went back to my room so she could sleep. 

Pictures from the day